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Sunday, October 2nd 2022.


(   . . .   Genesis:  Chapters 1, 2, 3   . . .   )

The Forbidden Tree, …

               The World, …


                                                 Everything In The World, …

                                                                    Is A

                                                                            MOUSE TRAP!


          Everything about JEHOVAH, is wonderful.  JESUS has known JEHOVAH, a zillion aeons, …  and JESUS never stops learning new and wonderful secrets about JEHOVAH, as eternity passes by.  (Everything about JEHOVAH, is a miracle.  The name ‘JEHOVAH’, …  means, …  ‘GOD OF MIRACLES’.)

           ADAM has been walking with JEHOVAH, 3½ hours each day, …  365¼ days,  …  for one whole year, …  before EVE is created.  JEHOVAH walks beside ADAM, during the windy part of the day, …  11:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. each afternoon.

            WOMAN is only 6 days old, when she falls.  EVE knew almost NOTHING, about JEHOVAH.  (Unless ADAM shows her, …  she remains oblivious!)  . . .  EVE is a WINNER (not a LOSER, as one may have imagined and read into her fall), …  but there is only ONE thing lacking about WOMAN:  (EVE does not seem to love JEHOVAH enough, to keep away, from ‘THE FORBIDDEN TREE’.   . . .  Well, …  Why NOT?  . . .  Because ADAM has not shown EVE anything, about how wonderful JEHOVAH is.  WOMAN is oblivious, about the wonderfulness of GOD!  . . .   Why?  . . .  Because ADAM was supposed to feel really important, …  like some kind of little king or something, …  a wonderful ‘Princely Son Of GOD’, …  bragging and boasting about everything JEHOVAH had shown ADAM, when they were walking together during ‘the windy part of the day’, …  feeling REALLY important, …  like ‘Mr. KNOW-IT-ALL’, …  like a little boy, ‘BRAGGING AND BOASTING’, …  but ADAM, did not say anything.  . . .   Why not?  . . .  Is it because ADAM’s stupid?  . . .   Not at all!  . . .  It’s because he was staring at her crotch, …  not thinking about GOD!)

             WOMAN, …  does not know, …  “HOW WONDERFUL JEHOVAH IS.”  This is the reason, …  WHY Eve is going to ‘The Forbidden Tree’.  WOMAN, does not love JEHOVAH, …  quite as much as she should.  The reason is, …  because ADAM is not telling her, …  “HOW WONDERFUL, JEHOVAH IS.”

              If EVE had known, HOW WONDERFUL JEHOVAH IS, …  then WOMAN, never would have approached ‘The Forbidden Tree’.

              ADAM, …  should have told EVE:  “Do Not Approach The Forbidden Tree, Under Any Circumstances.”  ADAM should have asked the BIRDS and ANIMALS to warn him, if ever WOMAN started approaching ‘The Tree’, …  so as to come and warn ADAM, so that ADAM can stop her.

                ADAM should have taught EVE, …  ‘How wonderful JEHOVAH is’, …  and that ‘JEHOVAH will never be happy again, …  if EVE ever approaches ‘THE TREE’.  Then EVE, …  would never dream, of approaching ‘THE FORBIDDEN TREE’, …  because she would be afraid of taking away JEHOVAH’s GODLY HAPPINESS.

                                     . . .  by Errol Lee Shepherd

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About errolleeshepherd7

I am an amateur hobbyist songwriter, merely performing songs for the joy of it. I'm not very experienced. I'm not very good. I started out in guitar, ... but I've fallen in love with the keyboard, ... and so I've switched. Mostly my songs are CLASSICAL ROMANTIC MEDIEVAL WESTERN, ... and in a realm of their own.
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