“LIFE after DEATH, in Resurrection: The Threshold Of Eternity”


Friday, ‎October ‎28, ‎2022.

“LIFE after DEATH, in Resurrection: The Threshold Of Eternity”

. . .   Luke 16: 19 to 31;

            Within this BIBLE passage from Luke, …  if THE RICH GUY is shown within this scene, suffering in Hades, …  yet THE RICH GUY is obviously alive and being tormented for thousands of years, … his torment starting hundreds of years before even Jesus Christ’s birth in Bethlehem, …  yet THE RICH GUY continues to be tormented for another 2000 years after Jesus Christ’s birth, and right up until Judgement Day in the year 3000 A.D. , …

             while this same scene in Luke, shows Abraham as an ANGEL (who has the ability to fly back and forth, between Paradise and Hades), …  can approach THE RICH GUY who himself is parched, dying of thirst, and begging Abraham for a drop of water, …  (although THE RICH GUY himself continuing to suffer on fiery orange-coals,  remains unconsumed by THE FIRES OF HADES), …  (and yet Abraham himself, all the while as a HOLY ANGEL, does not burn up, while speaking with THE RICH GUY in Hades , …  for the simple reason, that these are not THE FIRES OF HELL,   these are only THE FIRES OF HADES, and THE RICH GUY has not yet been judged in JUDGEMENT DAY 3000 A.D. , …  nor has THE RICH GUY been thrown into THE FIRES OF GEHENNA as of yet,  but is just in the process of being punished before JUDGEMENT DAY down in Hades, …  during the millenniums leading up to 3000 A.D.),

            while at the same time, …  off in the distance, …  in the background, …  Lazarus has already been resurrected in Paradise, …  and Jesus is speaking in THE PAST TENSE (when Jesus tells this story about Lazarus and THE RICH MAN in The Book Of Luke), …  (indicating that this scene has already happened long ago , …  several hundred years prior to Jesus Christ’s birth in Bethlehem).

            Therefore, in a nutshell, …  Luke 16: 19 to 31 reveals, that

Point 1:

            A Holy Person, such as Abraham under THE OLD LAW COVENANT , …  who died before Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead (before attending The Feast Of Pentecost), …  can be made into a HOLY ANGEL .

            In addition to this, …  Luke 16: 19 to 31, also clearly reveals that

Point 2:

                        Humans (who are resurrected as Humans), …  as well as, Humans who are made into HOLY ANGELS(such as Moses and Elijah, in The Transfiguration Scene), …  can be resurrected before 3000 A.D. into JEHOVAH’s Kingdom, …  regardless of whether they died before or after Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.  (Apostle Paul even explains, that some of the HOLIEST ones, will be TRANSFORMED alive in the last microsecond, when being resurrected from the dead, …  their Spirit Of Life being kept  alive , …  before, during and after their body dies, …  Apostle Paul trying to pick up the morale of DYING persons, saying in his letters, …  to Holiest persons in the congregations: “In many cases, you may not have to die at all.  Your body will, but  your Spirit will escape Death.  Only your Body will die.”)

                                                                                                . . .   Errol Lee Shepherd


‎Wednesday, ‎October ‎26, ‎2022.


            Everywhere I went, …  everybody was so SMART, …  so ULTRAFINE, …  so BRILLIANT, …  so CLEVER:  Every university, …  even the private schools and cat college, had such BRILLIANT people, …  everybody had such GOOD brains.

            I used to think, …  (once upon a time), …  I had a good brain too, …


            It turned out, …



Tuesday, ‎October ‎25, ‎2022.


( . . . Swallowed by a Croc, . . . in The Florida Everglades . . . )

If you worship JEHOVAH, …  and love, …  JEHOVAH’s ideals and principles , …  then you will  live forever , …  but eternally remain:

FOREVER                YOUNG .


                                                            IS , …

                                                                                    “The FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”.

. . . by Errol Lee Shepherd


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I am an amateur hobbyist songwriter, merely performing songs for the joy of it. I'm not very experienced. I'm not very good. I started out in guitar, ... but I've fallen in love with the keyboard, ... and so I've switched. Mostly my songs are CLASSICAL ROMANTIC MEDIEVAL WESTERN, ... and in a realm of their own.
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