In Condemnation Of Vincent Geigwang Li

     My name is Errol Lee Shepherd, but who I am is unimportant.
     I am very fond of Orientals, but this particular fellow "VINCENT GEIGWANG LI" is one of a kind.
     I couldn’t help identifying with Tim McLean, and seeing myself murdered by someone like "Vincent Geigwang Li".  Tim and I seem to share so many things in common, … seem so similar in many ways.
     I want you to know directly, "I hate Vincent Geigwang Li’s guts".  The slithering ‘KILLER OF HELL’ is what he is.  I judge him to be the murderous demonized Cannabalistic sadist of the  Devil.
     I believe he should get THE DEATH PENALTY without mercy.
     I truly believe that Vincent Geigwang Li has performed this type of murder many times before this incident, and that there is a very real 100% chance that he will go on killing innocent victims without justification, unless he is executed by the Canadian Government.
     You, … your wife, … your children, may be next.
     Bearing in mind that he seems to always work ‘the nightshift alone’, then he has probably performed this type of murderous Cannabalistic crime many times before.
     He has no motive for having killed Tim McLean, other than the fact that he was hungry and had an appetite for raw bleeding HUMAN FLESH.
Without provocation Vincent Geigwang Li killed a defenseless man in his sleep
to satisfy his hunger for Human Flesh.
     I truthfully doubt that this is the first time, Vincent Geigwang Li has performed this sort of sadistic villainy, and I believe that if he is not executed but returned to society, that he will definitely go on killing innocent murder-victims unjustifiably and unprovoked.
Yours Truly,
Errol Lee Shepherd

About errolleeshepherd7

I am an amateur hobbyist songwriter, merely performing songs for the joy of it. I'm not very experienced. I'm not very good. I started out in guitar, ... but I've fallen in love with the keyboard, ... and so I've switched. Mostly my songs are CLASSICAL ROMANTIC MEDIEVAL WESTERN, ... and in a realm of their own.
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1 Response to In Condemnation Of Vincent Geigwang Li

  1. lola says:

    Your profile states that you are a "Bible specialist" . My question for you is, what would Jesus Christ do ?  Would he stand before this severely mentally ill man with eyes full of Hate ?   Would he call for him to be stoned, or crucified ?
    Vince Weiguang Li first words spoken were, "please kill me".  Would Jesus grab a knife and stab him ?
    i believe Mr. Li was suffering a severe psychosis when he commited this horrendous crime against Tim McLean. His words now show an awareness and remorse for what he has done.  i can\’t imagine what it would be like to realize that i became a monster, and committed a crime of such horror.  i would want to die too.
    Please research severe psychosis for some understanding of how it can, … in very, very rare cases lead to horrendous tragedy.
    i pray for the McLean Family in their suffering. They deserve justice. i pray for healing for Mr. Li. ….As you know, all things are possible with God.i pray for you, that you will learn more about how fragile we can be, and your rage will be replaced by compassion and peace.
    If you\’d like to help the McLean family, Donations are being collected for funeral expenses and a charity in Tim\’s name. Cheques can be sent to any TD Canada Trust Bank. Payable to "Tim McLean in Trust".The main branch for the account is: TD Canada Trust, 6630 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3R 1X1 – Phone: (204)988-2605
    For more information, or to express your condolances and support to Tim\’s family during this enormously painful time go to: R.I.P Tim McLean | Facebook    –
    Let\’s overcome "evil" with good.
    ~ lola

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