“What A Difference One Scream Can Make”

It’s amazing what a difference, one scream can make.
Have you glanced at The Childfind Card Recently?
Do you know where your Children are?
Capital Punishment is needed, to kill Maniacical Murderers.
Do you realize, that anyone regardless of who they are,
can walk up to you, your wife, your children, your girlfriend, any time of the day or night,
whether you’re alone or in a public place,
and kill you any way that suits their fancy,
exactly the way Vincent Geigwang Li murdered Tim McLean on a Public Bus
while a watchful world of eye-witnesses, stands around entertained and stunned?
Without Capital Punishment, what’s to stop any Criminal Murderer?
Captain Kangaroo?
They’re only going to be hospitalized for being Criminally Insane.
For this particular type of Murderous Crime, the Death Penalty should be enforced.
Vincent Geigqwang Li, is a Cannibal.
How can you be sure, he didn’t eat your children?
You might be next.
What’s to stop Maniacical Murderers, like Vincent Geigwang Li?
… Wishful Thinking?
Without Capital Punishment and The Death Penalty,
those missing children on The Childfind Card
are in Vincent Geigwang Li’s underwear.
Vincent, is wearing your dead children in his underwear.
Do you realize that every person on that bus, died slain by Vincent Geigwang Li
if that nice lady in the seat ahead of him,
(confidentially, she was the next to die)
hadn’t sensed that someone nearby was in pain, stood up, turned around and screamed?
If Vincent Geigwang Li hadn’t let himself go, preoccupying himself with overkilling Tim McLean, …
I truthfully calculated that his next move
was to walk to the front of the bus,
stab the busdriver to death,
park the bus along the shoulder of the road,
lock the doors so that no passengers could escape, …
and then begin walking toward the back of the bus where Tim McLean’s dead body was lying,
systematically killing every person on both sides of the aisles until all passengers were dead.
At that point, Vincent Li would casually in a calm and cool manner leave the bus
and walk off down the highway, whistling, smoking a cigarette.
Capital Punshment should be enforced, to prevent this sort of villainous crime,
even if the murderer is a
Yours Truly,
Errol Lee Shepherd

About errolleeshepherd7

I am an amateur hobbyist songwriter, merely performing songs for the joy of it. I'm not very experienced. I'm not very good. I started out in guitar, ... but I've fallen in love with the keyboard, ... and so I've switched. Mostly my songs are CLASSICAL ROMANTIC MEDIEVAL WESTERN, ... and in a realm of their own.
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