Nowadays I am 70 years of age, …  but looking back nostalgically, …  when 17, …  a young friend of mine and I, …  each used to nightly, …  drink a case of 24, …  ‘BLACK HORSE ALE’, …  strongest beer on the market, …  at the summer cottage.  We were determined to become inebriated, …  summer ’round, and every weekend throughout the school year.

            I gave it up at age 19, …  and walked ‘the straight and narrow’ ever since, …  because LIFE, …  DEATH, …  SALVATION, …  and DAMNATION, …  hung in the balance, …  almost losing my soul GAMBLING at an early age, …  caught in a DEVIL’s trap, …  I NEVER knew existed.

           But the secret is:  “You cannot get drunk on beer.  There is only, one half of an ounce of alcohol (0.6 precisely), in a bottle of beer, …  and by the time you are finished drinking each bottle, …  you are right back where you were in the beginning, before you started, …  dead sober”.  Unless you drink straight alcohol, …  you will never become inebriated. So what that means is that, you can drink as much beer as you like, …  just as a fish drinks water, …  but you will NEVER become inebriated.  Your reflexes will be SLOW, …  so do not ever FIGHT or DRIVE, …  READ A NEWSPAPER, …  perform MATHEMATICS, …  RIDE A BICYCLE, …  STUDY FOR EXAMS, …  PAINT, …  DRAW, …  or do anything requiring QUICK MEMORY RECALL and CONCENTRATION, …  because you will LOSE drastically, …  trying to use MARBLES you DO NOT HAVE, …  a NO-BRAIN loser, …  INCAPACITATED.

            So, …  you are perfectly safe, …  with BEER.  Just steer away, …  from HARD ALCOHOL.

                                                                                   . . .   Errol Lee Shepherd

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“BURNING ROPE-LADDER, from a Royal-Flushing Toilet-Bowl, TRAPPED IN HELL”


Saturday, ‎March ‎25, ‎2023.


( . . . JEHOVAH’s Little Lamb ‘JESUS’ . . . )

          All happiness, comes from JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY. It comes from knowing, … that JEHOVAH is up there, … up there upon The Throne Of Heaven, … and that JESUS CHRIST, … JEHOVAH’s ‘Little Lamb’, is sitting up there forever as well, at JEHOVAH’s right hand, … in eternal glory, … beside JEHOVAH at the top of the universe.

           Down in The Fires Of Hell, when a LOST Soul is condemned, … abandoned, … forgotten, … forsaken forever, … that Soul cannot remember JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY. That LOST Soul, cannot remember JESUS CHRIST. Only in bits-and-pieces, … tiny random and distorted , shattered ‘Fragments Of Thought’, … microsecond flashbacks of memory, … might JEHOVAH or JESUS CHRIST be remembered, … when a LOST Soul is being tormented, down in The Fires Of Hell.

            There is NO Bible, down there in Hell.

             There is NO memory of JEHOVAH, … NO memory, of JESUS CHRIST, … NO memory, of THE BIBLE, … nor of ANY scriptures, from THE BIBLE, … and even if there HAD been, but in reality, there is NOT, … there would have been NO consolation provided from your having been ABLE to REMEMBER The Bible, … because JEHOVAH canNOT save you ANY longer, … JESUS CHRIST canNOT save you, ANY longer. There is NO way, out of Hell, … except, … for you yourself, back at Square 1 (where you are standing right now, while you’re still alive), to NOT get into Hell, to begin with (by you yourself, TURNING AWAY FROM SIN).

             So, … TURN AWAY FROM SIN.

             There are a zillion VARIETIES of TORMENT. EACH fire, is another FRIGHT.

              Demons, are everywhere.

              It is worse, than a COCAINE FRIEKOUT:  climactic scenes of eternal MISERY, … bloody rotten decay, … HORRORS of everlasting insane IDIOSY.

               The ‘LAWS OF SCIENCE’, … do NOT exist.

                Furthermore, … JEHOVAH does not care about you, any longer. You are a WRITE-OFF. Your name, is NOT in The Lamb’s ‘SCROLL OF LIFE’.

                 You have LOST salvation, and you are down in Hell. You have been CONDEMNED.

                  Why should JEHOVAH go on caring about YOU, if YOU do not care about JEHOVAH and JESUS CHRIST, in this lifetime before you die, … enough to TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SINS?

                   Demonic SADISM is without a doubt, UNLIMITED, … unless JEHOVAH had made The Sea Of MOLTEN LAVA so intensely HOT, … so that neither can DEMONS fight against DEMONS, … nor can DEMONS torment HUMANS, … but ALL are paralytically immobilized by undying INTENSE HEAT.

                    HAPPINESS, … comes from JEHOVAH.

                     Without JEHOVAH, … there is NO happiness.

                      You HAVE to be ALIVE, and to KNOW that GOD is UP there, in order to be HAPPY.

                       Without a human, being ALIVE down on this planet Earth, … and that human remaining consciously AWARE in his own imagination, … that JEHOVAH God Almighty is sitting upon His Heavenly Throne, … and that next to JEHOVAH, that JESUS CHRIST is sitting UP THERE TOO, … slightly in front of, a little lower down, and to His right, … there is NO happiness.

                         The ONLY way, out of Hell, … is to NEVER get into Hell. You accomplish THIS, … by turning AWAY from Sin. So, study your head-off reading your own Bible, and TURN AWAY FROM SIN. The more you do this, … the HOLIER you will become. And for the BEST results, in the very least amount of time, … use ‘EAGLE FLIGHT’. NOTHING, works BETTER, FASTER, and MORE EFFICIENTLY, than ‘EAGLE FLIGHT’.





Click On Above PDF LINK For Download

Study Your Bible! Up, Up, and Away! Accelerate, and Leave The World Behind,
Dummy Up!
Keep your Mouth Shut, and pretend you know NOTHING.
. . . Joe Blow and Betty-Lou . . .

                                                                          . . . Revelation Chapter 1: Verses 12 to 20
                                                                     . . . Revelation Chapter 6: Verses 9 to 11
                                                                       . . . Revelation Chapter 20: Verses 4 to 6
                                                          . . . Matthew Chapter 13: Verse 43

                                                                    . . .   Errol Lee Shepherd

THEME (for the above article):

                        My motive, for writing this, … is to save you from HELL, … because a lot of people slander me, and pretend that I have an evil motive, for having written this. Au contraire. I do not have any evil motive. My sole intention, is to inspire you to TURN AWAY FROM YOUR SINS, so that SATAN cannot take you down into HELL, … because I know, what you do not:


You can be HAPPY forever, if you just use



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Sunday, ‎March ‎12, ‎2023.


( . . . The Pearly Gates . . . )


          If JESUS CHRIST, is sitting at the right hand of JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, … a zillion³ Galaxies straight up over your head, …
(Rev. 1: Verses 12 to 20; Rev. 4:3)


          If JESUS CHRIST is ‘THE WORD OF GOD’, as explained in Revelation (Chapter 19: Verses 12 and 13), …

then, …

           If ‘THE PAGES OF THE BIBLE’, are in fact, ‘THE WORD OF GOD’, …


          the Book you are holding in your hands, … ‘THE BIBLE’, … in front of your eyes, … is ‘THE WORD OF GOD’, …

then, …

What THAT means is:

           What your holding in your hands, …

                         What you’re holding in your hands IS, …


carrying you straight up



(Jehovah’s Kingdom, is not far off from suchlike ones as you)

                                          . . .   Errol Lee Shepherd


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Saturday, December 3rd 2022.

“The SOUL,  . . .    and SENTIMENTAL VALUES”

(   . . .   Things go better, with COKE   . . .   )
– 1960 –


             (Broken-hearted over old age, …  frightened by death, in the bathroom mirror, …  I stood, …  dreaming about ORANGE CRUSH, …  Doran’s STRAWBERRY, GRAPE, CREAM SODA, 7-UP,  and COCA COLA, …  remembering myself, …  like a mouse, …  age 7, …  back in 1960, gouging ICE CREAM from 5 Gallon Drums in the ICE CREAM FREEZER, …  at 555 Parliament Street, “C. Booth Prop.” Confectionery Store, …  at the corner of Parliament and Burne.)


The SOUL, …  is inside THE HEART.

               The SOUL, …  is the I. D., …  ‘the SECRET IDENTIFICATION’.



                JEHOVAH, …  is GOD of Priceless Sentimental Things.

                                 JEHOVAH, …  is GOD of ANYTHING, …  OLD and BEAUTIFUL,                                                                from THE PAST.



                 JEHOVAH, …  is GOD, …  of the ETERNAL PAST, …

(   . . .   Time Running Backwards, Forever   . . .   )


Your SOUL, …  is PRICELESS, …  to JEHOVAH.

                  (He’d like to add it, …  to his COLLECTION.)

                                        Your SOUL, …  is PRICELESS, …  to JESUS CHRIST.

                                                (Follow him, …  and he’ll help you gain SALVATION.)


Walk ‘THE STRAIGHT-AND-NARROW’, …  and it will happen.

(Do Not Let SATAN, …  Take Your SOUL Into HELL.)


Here’s How To Turn Righteous, FASTER Than ANY OTHER WAY,


To Stay That Way, …  REMAINING HOLY, …  Forever.











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Friday, ‎November ‎25, ‎2022.


                Failure, to perform one’s task successfully, …  regardless of what task, one is attempting to perform, …  is the penalty, JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY punishes a person with, …  as an adverse consequence, of NOT HAVING TRIED HARD ENOUGH, …

For example:

            Falling off a stepladder, trying to unscrew a lightbulb from the ceiling.

               (A Spirit, who looked like a brilliant American Engineer and Entrepreneur, said this to me, …  at the time, surveying a large valley surrounded by hills, …  containing an expansive dynasty, … a large enterprise building project, …  the Angel showing me that unless a person tries his very best, …  being careful not to make EVEN ONE LITTLE MISTAKE, …  that GOD punishes that person with failure, for not having tried quite hard enough, …  and for not having taken the time necessary, to think it out properly.)

                                                             . . .   by Errol Lee Shepherd


‎Thursday, ‎December ‎1, ‎2022.


(   . . .   Teacher, Teacher, …  I Know Why!!!   . . .   )

– 1952 –

              (The setting, is a high school teacher, …  standing beside his desk and wastebasket, in front of a blackboard, speaking to his HOMEROOM CLASS):


“For $60,000, class, …

               Why did the Apache, …  riding on a white horse, …  sit on an Indian Blanket?”

(Suddenly, there is a great show of hands, in a class of 30.)

The Teacher, selects Robert.


               “Oh Sir!  Sir!  I know why!!!”


               “And WHY is that, Robert?”


               “Because there’s a brown, SHIT-STREAK on the white horse’s back.”

(The Teacher, chastises Robert severely, throwing Robert

out of the classroom,

through an open doorway, out into the hallway,

and off to the Principal’s Office.)

Teacher (composing himself):

“There’ll be NONE OF THAT NOW.

                 Seriously though class:

                                 For $60,000:

                                Who can tell me, the correct answer to the question?”

(In an instant, …  there’s another great show of hands.)

The Teacher, selects Stanley.


               “The reason WHY, …  the Apache riding on a white horse, …  is sitting on an Indian Blanket, …  is because, …  NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS are not sophisticated enough, …  nor are they highly educated enough in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, …  to know how to manufacture WESTERN SADDLES, …  like PONY SOLDIERS and COWBOYS, …  nor do they know how to hold onto the horn of a saddle when they ride, …  the way WE do, …

but, …

                 Indians, …  after looking at COWBOYS and PONY SOLDIERS, …  watching how they ride,

YOU know:  Monkey SEE, …  Monkey DO? …

Well, …

                the Apaches, thought they should be sitting on something too, …  and so they try not to slip off the horse, …  getting the horse-blanket entangled between the horse’s legs, …  and their own legs as well.”


                “CORRECT, Stanley!

                                    100% !!!

                                                       Well done!!!”

(And then the Teacher, …  tears off, a little piece of paper from his pad, …

and hands it to Stanley, …

with the words printed on it, in lead pencil):

“I-Owe-yoU $60,000 !!!”

                                                                                                  . . .   by Errol Lee Shepherd


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Sunday, ‎November ‎20, ‎2022.


(   . . .   Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   . . .   )

            JEHOVAH at no time ever wondered, …  whether any of his little Angel ‘TWINKLING STARS’, …  was anything less, than ‘THE PERFECT HOLY ANGEL’, …  JEHOVAH had created him to be.

            JEHOVAH never doubted, that each one loved him, …  and never did it occur to GOD, …  one might not.

            Long ago, up in Heaven, …  before SATAN explained to JEHOVAH, …  such a possibility existed (NOT hypothetically, but in reality), …that is to say, …  that 1/3 of JEHOVAH’s Holy Angels do not love JEHOVAH (not MIGHT not, but DO not) love GOD ALMIGHTY, …  JEHOVAH not one zillionth of a microsecond, thought such a stupid thought, …  that such a WICKED lie as SATAN was proposing, might somehow be true (THAT’s because SATAN’s explanation is not true, …  it’s a cheap worthless LIE, …  until SATAN puts THE STUMBLING-BLOCK into an Angel’s mind, …  into an Angel’s heart, …  explaining all about it, …  and then in some cases, it becomes TRUE, …  but until then, …  until that point in time, after the Angel hears SATAN’s lie, …  that LIE remains an eternal IMPOSSIBILITY.)

You see, …

SATAN, …  is the ORIGINAL Stumbling Block.

Figuratively speaking:

            SATAN made a black candle, …  appear where no candle existed before, …  in the heart and mind of his own Angels, …  (his own future Demon Angels), …  by telling first the LIE, …  then making the black candle form, and finally LIGHTING it , …  (with black fire, which actually burned).

JEHOVAH was convinced, of their HOLINESS.


“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, …  life is but A DREAM “.

Of course, …

            Of course, …


                        JEHOVAH is THE CREATOR.  He KNOWS how he CREATED them.  He’s THE CREATOR.  They HAVEN’T changed.  He’s the One who CREATED them.  JEHOVAH knows their performance CHARACTERISTICS.  GOD is not IN THE DARK, about his own CREATION.  He ENGINEERED them.  He CREATED the blueprints, …  (from nothing.  GOD created each Holy Angel, from his own GODLY creative genius, …  JEHOVAH, …  as a Holy Father, …  who out of LOVE, …  creates a Holy Angel Son.)

Furthermore, …

            Unless SATAN proposes the notion, into their heart and mind for their consideration, …  putting HIS THOUGHT  into THEIR mind and heart, …  such a possibility does not exist,  . . .   (ever in all eternity).

            It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE, for any Angel to stumble and fall, …  for any reason in eternity, …  without SATAN putting his thought into an Angel’s mind.

             That is why, …  JEHOVAH called Satan, ‘THE ORIGINAL STUMBLING BLOCK’.  One third the Angels only go to HELL, …  if SATAN makes that speech.  Without SATAN proposing his LIE into an Angel’s heart and mind, …  there is not a chance in eternity, …  even one Angel might EVER stumble, or stop loving JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY.

NOTHING, …  is unknown to JEHOVAH .

JEHOVAH knows they love him .

            If any possibility existed to the contrary, …  after SATAN had made his speech, …  that in the future any Angel of his own free choosing, might somehow fall, …


            while yet a Holy Angel, …  had that Angel been prepared to let JEHOVAH go on “LIVING THE DREAM” happily: … JEHOVAH imagining they loved him, …  and would remain faithful forever, …


            JEHOVAH, …  (as a result of this), …  was only too delighted to allow each Angel, before he made himself into a DEMON, …  to continue LIVING THE DREAM’ himself, …  THE DREAM that he, (a Demon Angel of the future), …  would remain A HOLY ANGEL SON OF GOD, forever, …(and not change into a DEMON).

            JEHOVAH knew how he CREATED themremembering the integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness, …  built into each one, …  knowing they would not become corrupted, …  believing, …  in the faithfulness of each one.

JEHOVAH was only too convinced of that.

                                                                                              . . .   by Errol Lee Shepherd


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“LIFE after DEATH, in Resurrection: The Threshold Of Eternity”


Friday, ‎October ‎28, ‎2022.

“LIFE after DEATH, in Resurrection: The Threshold Of Eternity”

. . .   Luke 16: 19 to 31;

            Within this BIBLE passage from Luke, …  if THE RICH GUY is shown within this scene, suffering in Hades, …  yet THE RICH GUY is obviously alive and being tormented for thousands of years, … his torment starting hundreds of years before even Jesus Christ’s birth in Bethlehem, …  yet THE RICH GUY continues to be tormented for another 2000 years after Jesus Christ’s birth, and right up until Judgement Day in the year 3000 A.D. , …

             while this same scene in Luke, shows Abraham as an ANGEL (who has the ability to fly back and forth, between Paradise and Hades), …  can approach THE RICH GUY who himself is parched, dying of thirst, and begging Abraham for a drop of water, …  (although THE RICH GUY himself continuing to suffer on fiery orange-coals,  remains unconsumed by THE FIRES OF HADES), …  (and yet Abraham himself, all the while as a HOLY ANGEL, does not burn up, while speaking with THE RICH GUY in Hades , …  for the simple reason, that these are not THE FIRES OF HELL,   these are only THE FIRES OF HADES, and THE RICH GUY has not yet been judged in JUDGEMENT DAY 3000 A.D. , …  nor has THE RICH GUY been thrown into THE FIRES OF GEHENNA as of yet,  but is just in the process of being punished before JUDGEMENT DAY down in Hades, …  during the millenniums leading up to 3000 A.D.),

            while at the same time, …  off in the distance, …  in the background, …  Lazarus has already been resurrected in Paradise, …  and Jesus is speaking in THE PAST TENSE (when Jesus tells this story about Lazarus and THE RICH MAN in The Book Of Luke), …  (indicating that this scene has already happened long ago , …  several hundred years prior to Jesus Christ’s birth in Bethlehem).

            Therefore, in a nutshell, …  Luke 16: 19 to 31 reveals, that

Point 1:

            A Holy Person, such as Abraham under THE OLD LAW COVENANT , …  who died before Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead (before attending The Feast Of Pentecost), …  can be made into a HOLY ANGEL .

            In addition to this, …  Luke 16: 19 to 31, also clearly reveals that

Point 2:

                        Humans (who are resurrected as Humans), …  as well as, Humans who are made into HOLY ANGELS(such as Moses and Elijah, in The Transfiguration Scene), …  can be resurrected before 3000 A.D. into JEHOVAH’s Kingdom, …  regardless of whether they died before or after Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.  (Apostle Paul even explains, that some of the HOLIEST ones, will be TRANSFORMED alive in the last microsecond, when being resurrected from the dead, …  their Spirit Of Life being kept  alive , …  before, during and after their body dies, …  Apostle Paul trying to pick up the morale of DYING persons, saying in his letters, …  to Holiest persons in the congregations: “In many cases, you may not have to die at all.  Your body will, but  your Spirit will escape Death.  Only your Body will die.”)

                                                                                                . . .   Errol Lee Shepherd


‎Wednesday, ‎October ‎26, ‎2022.


            Everywhere I went, …  everybody was so SMART, …  so ULTRAFINE, …  so BRILLIANT, …  so CLEVER:  Every university, …  even the private schools and cat college, had such BRILLIANT people, …  everybody had such GOOD brains.

            I used to think, …  (once upon a time), …  I had a good brain too, …


            It turned out, …



Tuesday, ‎October ‎25, ‎2022.


( . . . Swallowed by a Croc, . . . in The Florida Everglades . . . )

If you worship JEHOVAH, …  and love, …  JEHOVAH’s ideals and principles , …  then you will  live forever , …  but eternally remain:

FOREVER                YOUNG .


                                                            IS , …

                                                                                    “The FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”.

. . . by Errol Lee Shepherd


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“ADAM and EVE’s, Most Beautiful Dream”



Sunday, ‎October ‎16, ‎2022.

“ADAM and EVE’s, Most Beautiful Dream”

(   . . .   “DALLIANCE UNFALLEN, …  Euphoric, …  like Puppy-Love”   . . .   )

Genesis 1,2,3

            It was ADAM and EVE’s most beautiful dream.  They dreamt they were back in ‘THE GARDEN OF EDEN’, and JEHOVAH let them stay, …  and they were both HAPPY together forever, …  (and that everything returned, to the way, …  it was ORIGINALLY, SUPPOSED TO BE.)

            This is THE REASON, …  why a person should never sell his or her SOUL , to THE DEVIL, …  when A DEMON says to them:  “It’s your SOUL, that I want.”


            During the course of EVE’s lifetime, …  for 930 years before she eventually died, …  WOMAN’s favorite dream, which she experienced on rare and special nights, …  nights EVE judged, to have been the most BEAUTIFUL nights of her life, …  nights, alone in the darkness of a mountain cave, outside THE EASTERN GATE, …  dreams, with a euphoric air like ‘PUPPY LOVE’, …  but even better than ‘PUPPY LOVE’, …

            landed her ,  …  smack dab , back in ‘THE GARDEN OF EDEN’ again.  She found herself, miraculously returned back into THE GARDEN OF EDEN unfallen, …  and she was perfect again , …  just like she had never fallen, …  or somehow, had made it past THE 2 CHERUBS OF THE EASTERN GATE, …  and found her way back to ‘THE TREE OF EVERLASTING LIFE’, …  and was in good standingbefore JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY , …  just like she had NEVER fallen.

            EVE dreamed, she was back in ‘THE GARDEN OF EDEN ‘ again, …  and that JEHOVAH let her stay, …  and EVE was so HAPPY  again, forever.


            ADAM also, …  970 years, …  had LOST and HEAVENLY dreams, …  dreams like these too, …  except, …  in ADAM’s dreams, …  EVE wasn’t there.  In ADAM’s dreams, WOMAN had not yet been created.  ADAM was perfect again, …  and HAPPY, …  but without EVE, …  ADAM, …  as in the beginning, …  friends with ANIMALS and BIRDS, …  (but not slaughtering them, as outside ‘THE EASTERN GATE’), …  and ADAM was walking alone in ‘THE GARDEN OF EDEN’, beside JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, …  during the windy part of the day, …  as before WOMAN was created.

            ADAM dreamed, he was back in ‘THE GARDEN OF EDEN’ again, …  and that JEHOVAH let him stay, …  and ADAM was so HAPPY again, forever.


            What EVE does not realize, …  naive, inexperienced and vulnerable, …  when SATAN is speaking to her at ‘THE FORBIDDEN TREE,’, …

is that:

            If EVE had already ‘eaten from THE FRUIT OF THE TREE OF EVERLASTING LIFE’ (before she got there), …  then she would have already known, …  (having already come to possess the golden secret of DIVINE KNOWLEDGE itself),


            JEHOVAH cannot be corrupted by SATAN THE DEVIL, …  JEHOVAH cannot be corrupted by anyone or by anything else (across eternity), …  nor is JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY subject to SELF-TEMPTATION, …  SELF-TEMPTATION which caused THE DEVIL himself to fall from perfection, …


            JEHOVAH exists at the ACME OF GODLY PERFECTION, …  as he always WAS (since before THE START OF CREATION, …  before THE CREATION OF TIME itself), …  is NOW, …  and forever WILL BE, …

and so, …

            If EVE wishes to REASON LIKE GOD, …  that is, …  ‘TO BECOME LIKE GOD, POSSESSING THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL’, …  the first thing she  will learn, …  her first discovery (about GOD’s way of reasoning), … will be that

            JEHOVAH does not allow himself, to be tested with ANY FORM OF EVIL.

EVIL has never existed in JEHOVAH’s Universe.

It never has, …  does not, …  and never will.

JEHOVAH does not tolerate BADNESS.

(JEHOVAH does not make mistakes.  JEHOVAH does not MISCALCULATE.  JEHOVAH is THE GOD OF MATHEMATICS.  JEHOVAH does not have any waste paper in his waste basket, …  but ANYTHING which might drag JEHOVAH down, …  so as to inspire JEHOVAH himself to reason THAT way, …  (imperfectly), …  JEHOVAH drops THAT thing, WHATEVER or WHOEVER it may be, …  DOWN, …  into The Fires Of Hell.)

            It was ADAM and EVE’s most beautiful dream.  They dreamt they were back in ‘THE GARDEN OF EDEN’, and JEHOVAH let them stay, …  and they were both so HAPPY again, together forever, …  (and that everything returned, to the way, …  it was once, ORIGINALLY, SUPPOSED TO BE.)

            This is THE REASON, …  why a person should never sell his or her SOUL , to THE DEVIL, …  when A DEMON says to them:  “It’s your SOUL, that I want.”


                                                                                    …  by Errol Lee Shepherd *************************

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Sunday, October 2nd 2022.


(   . . .   Genesis:  Chapters 1, 2, 3   . . .   )

The Forbidden Tree, …

               The World, …


                                                 Everything In The World, …

                                                                    Is A

                                                                            MOUSE TRAP!


          Everything about JEHOVAH, is wonderful.  JESUS has known JEHOVAH, a zillion aeons, …  and JESUS never stops learning new and wonderful secrets about JEHOVAH, as eternity passes by.  (Everything about JEHOVAH, is a miracle.  The name ‘JEHOVAH’, …  means, …  ‘GOD OF MIRACLES’.)

           ADAM has been walking with JEHOVAH, 3½ hours each day, …  365¼ days,  …  for one whole year, …  before EVE is created.  JEHOVAH walks beside ADAM, during the windy part of the day, …  11:30 A.M. until 3:30 P.M. each afternoon.

            WOMAN is only 6 days old, when she falls.  EVE knew almost NOTHING, about JEHOVAH.  (Unless ADAM shows her, …  she remains oblivious!)  . . .  EVE is a WINNER (not a LOSER, as one may have imagined and read into her fall), …  but there is only ONE thing lacking about WOMAN:  (EVE does not seem to love JEHOVAH enough, to keep away, from ‘THE FORBIDDEN TREE’.   . . .  Well, …  Why NOT?  . . .  Because ADAM has not shown EVE anything, about how wonderful JEHOVAH is.  WOMAN is oblivious, about the wonderfulness of GOD!  . . .   Why?  . . .  Because ADAM was supposed to feel really important, …  like some kind of little king or something, …  a wonderful ‘Princely Son Of GOD’, …  bragging and boasting about everything JEHOVAH had shown ADAM, when they were walking together during ‘the windy part of the day’, …  feeling REALLY important, …  like ‘Mr. KNOW-IT-ALL’, …  like a little boy, ‘BRAGGING AND BOASTING’, …  but ADAM, did not say anything.  . . .   Why not?  . . .  Is it because ADAM’s stupid?  . . .   Not at all!  . . .  It’s because he was staring at her crotch, …  not thinking about GOD!)

             WOMAN, …  does not know, …  “HOW WONDERFUL JEHOVAH IS.”  This is the reason, …  WHY Eve is going to ‘The Forbidden Tree’.  WOMAN, does not love JEHOVAH, …  quite as much as she should.  The reason is, …  because ADAM is not telling her, …  “HOW WONDERFUL, JEHOVAH IS.”

              If EVE had known, HOW WONDERFUL JEHOVAH IS, …  then WOMAN, never would have approached ‘The Forbidden Tree’.

              ADAM, …  should have told EVE:  “Do Not Approach The Forbidden Tree, Under Any Circumstances.”  ADAM should have asked the BIRDS and ANIMALS to warn him, if ever WOMAN started approaching ‘The Tree’, …  so as to come and warn ADAM, so that ADAM can stop her.

                ADAM should have taught EVE, …  ‘How wonderful JEHOVAH is’, …  and that ‘JEHOVAH will never be happy again, …  if EVE ever approaches ‘THE TREE’.  Then EVE, …  would never dream, of approaching ‘THE FORBIDDEN TREE’, …  because she would be afraid of taking away JEHOVAH’s GODLY HAPPINESS.

                                     . . .  by Errol Lee Shepherd

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“Unidentified Flying Object”

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Sunday, ‎July ‎10, ‎2022.

“U. F. O.”

               Now, this phenomenon may not necessarily be a genuine U. F. O.. However,  . . .  each night,  . . .  around approximately 2:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M.,  . . .  sometimes until 4:00 A.M.,  . . .  there is a tiny BRIGHT LIGHT that looks like a small aircraft,  . . .  possibly even a helicopter,  . . .  flying at an altitude, of what seems superficially to be,  . . .  several thousand feet above ground level,  . . .  located in the SOUTH SOUTH-EASTERN SKY, facing due SSE.  It is high up above the tree line, and quite easy to spot with the naked eyes,  . . .  almost directly over the City Of Guelph..
               I do not think, that it is a DRONE.
               Any person with a powerful night-telescope and camera, can easily take a picture of it.
               I watched it off and on, now and then,  . . .  when I first noticed it appearing in the midnight skies,  . . .  but I have always imagined that it was some kind of STAR or possibly a LARGE airplane,  . . .  (flying northward from Hamilton).  This morning,  . . .  I couldn’t help but notice, that it moves quite rapidly in a jerky motion, changing direction constantly,  . . .  (flying in from the South East),  . . .  while almost doing what seem to be LOOP-the-LOOPS,  . . .  resembling A DANCER,  . . .  SPEEDING-UP then STOPPING on a dime,  . . .  SPEEDING-UP then STOPPING on a dime,  . . .  repeatedly,  . . .  like climbing a staircase,  . . .  a MOUSE,  . . .  SPEEDING-UP against the laws of science,  . . .  FULL STOP,  . . .  then CLIMBING,  . . .  step by step by step  . . .  some kind of STUNT-PLANE,  . . .  but there is NO ENGINE NOISE: NO PROP, NO SOUND,  . . .  just SILENCE on a clear, serene MOTIONLESS night.
                For years,  . . .  I was convinced that IT WAS A STAR. I was shocked about 3 years ago,  . . .  to have discovered,  . . .  that it was moving NORTHWARD at a very SLOW speed,  . . .  and was not stationary at all. However,  . . .  there is NO ENGINE NOISE: NO PROP, NO SOUND,  . . .  just pitch-black SILENCE on a clear POST CARD night.
                I seem to be the only person, who may have observed this phenomenon,  . . .  and this is the only reason why I am making mention of it at this point in time. Perhaps,  . . .  if there is any other person,  . . .  who enjoys observing and investigating this peculiar type of U. F. O.,  . . .  they might have a look.

                                                  .  .  .   Errol  Lee  Shepherd

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