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 SOLAR ECLIPSES CAN RESULT IN BLINDNESS        I’d just like to mention that protective eyewear should be worn when observing some types of Solar Eclipse, because the Human Eyes in many cases can be severely damaged. E.L.S.

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Regarding ABC News Article: CAYLEE ANTHONY MURDER, ORLANDO, FLORIDA I couldn’t help but notice, watching "GOOD MORNING AMERICA", at the ABC News Website, how the murder of Kaylee Anthony in Orlando took place. My INTUITION is 100% deadly sharp, and … Continue reading

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“STILL WATERS RUN DEEP”: Survival Against The Wilderness

Dear Backwoods Hikers, I couldn’t help but notice that there were many people, who didn’t know the basics about how to survive off-trail wandering far from the beaten-path, while taking a leisurely stroll up the mountainside on a bright happy … Continue reading

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